Astrological gems therapy

                                                               “The only suitable gem stones

                                                                                           Can shape your life”

Astrological Gems Therapy

                                                                           ( A. G. Therapy)

Before we should talk about the role of Gemstone on human beings I would like to explain a little about human’s life. As we know that from ages our Brain surgeon, men of medicines and psychiatrists have joined hands to understand the mechanism of the human brain and how it affects behaviour of a man. According to them the functioning of the brain depends upon Genes, Environment, cultural factors & sex, etc. But the link between human behavioural traits, chemistry of the brain and the signal received by their cell is not fully understood even today.


All the functions of the brain depend upon the perception of the signal by the brain cells and their transmission to specific cells and tissues ultimately controlling the expression of genes.

But here the question arises

From where all cells, neurons are getting regular energy and which type of energy they are getting?

Because, according to that particular energy, a person develops differently-2 talents like Actor, Musician, Mathematician, Sportsman, Scientist, Army officer, Writer, etc. and further  accordingly he behaves   in emotional, mental and physical front.

There are many more questions which are un-answerable till today.If we go to astrology we can find answers to many unsolved questions.  Our sages have done a wonderful job to study the human life. According to them the life of the individual is a cosmic life. Each and every one on this earth has cosmic reality, cosmic physiology, and cosmic psychology and according to the impact of cosmic energies, each and every person has its own identity and talent.

Without that cosmic energy a man cannot survive.

Now the question arises from where a human being is getting regular cosmic energies?

All planets from the Zodiac are giving regular cosmic energies to survive and controlling all neurons and brain cell regularly.

So whenever there is an imbalance of cosmic energies in the body there will be a disturbance in one’s life on all planes.

  1. Physical plane.
  2. Mental plane.
  3. Emotional plane.

Without mind there is no use of any physical existence. So before we go further, we should know that our sages in the field of Astrology had established the strong link between the 12 signs of the Zodiac and 12 pairs of cranial nerves of the Human Brain.

Proper growth of the person on all the three planes depends upon the balance on

  1. Quality of Cosmic energies.
  2. Quantity of Cosmic energies.

This balance is not stable and keeps on changing, increasing or decreasing.

What are the main causes of not the stability of balances of energies?

  • Natural imbalances: – Because of the planetary influence of the native at the time of Birth. This can be studied only with the help of Astrology by making and interpreting one’s horoscope.
  • Unnatural imbalances: – This is because of the environment & diet intake, accidents or by any un-natural activities in day to day life.

According to Astrology mainly three types of cosmic energies are required to survive, which are thrown by planets to the native. These are

  • Vayu vat       For the movements in the body.
  • Agni Pitta     For metabolism in the body and to maintain proper temperature in the
  • Jal Kapha  For Lubricant in the body.

These three basic energies are required for each and every engine i.e. for engine of any machine to the engine of the human body. This hard fact had already been accepted by Ayurveda too.

Now the role of Astrology is

  1. To identify the imbalances of energies in the body.
  2. To rectify the imbalances of Basic energies.
  3. To insert a particular energy in the body.
  4. To cure physical and mental ailment in the body.

This all can be done by different-different methodology, but Astrological Gems Therapy (A. G. Therapy) has a great power of healing.

From the Ancient time we found the references of gemstones almost in all religion in all countries.

However, there are ample examples to prove that gems were profusely used in ancient India. The Vedas which are the oldest scriptures of India also contain several references to use of gems for various purposes not only for health, longevity but for the fame and prosperity too.

Learned people, especially medicine men of Ayurveda and Astrologers conducted research and made experiments with gem stones and adapted Astrological Gems Therapy to bring, control and heal.

  1. To heal the ailment in the body except unnatural imbalances in the body.
  2. To remove depression.
  3. To control emotional imbalances.
  4. To control temperament.
  5. To control various metabolism in the body.
  6. To control various movements in the body.
  7. To increase vision.
  8. To increase knowledge.
  9. To increase courage.
  10. To increase virility.
  11. To bring happiness.
  12. To bring financial growth.
  13. To bring prosperity.
  14. To promote well being of the native.

Now what is A. G. THERAPY?

According to science of Astrology and Gemology each and every stone is radioactive and emitting vibrations at different frequencies and supplying continues energy for human beings.

But the hard fact is that gems don’t have their own energy & they are just emitting continues energies given by different-different planets in the Zodiac. So each and every planet is charging constantly particular Gemstone. Astrology had established the fact that 3 types of energies are provided by all the planets are as follows.

  • Vayu Vat       By Saturn         By  Neelam Gemstone

By Jupt.            By  Pukhraj Gemstone

  • Agni Pitta     By Sun By  Manik/Ruby Gemstone

By Mars           By  Red Coral Gemstones

  • Jal Kapha By Moon           By Moti Gemstone

By Ven.          By Diamond Gemstone

By Mer.         By Panna Gemstone

Next step of A. G. Therapy is for identification of deficiency of particular energy and Balancing of Energies in the body. For this complete system is given by our sages. Particularly by Vara Mihir, who  was one of the greatest pioneers of the study of A. G. Therapy in ancient India and has in great detail explained  the properties of precious stones in his famous treatise “Vrihat – Samhita”. After going through other ancient Shastras a complete therapy is developed and the following steps are required before any recommendations of Gem stones.

1st Step: – To read the horoscope of a person.

2nd Step: – To identify the excessive impact of a particular planet in the horoscope and according to that identify the excessive of Vat, Pitta & Kaph.

3rd Step: – To identify Life/Health planet for the native.

4th Step: – To identify the best impact of a particular planet in a horoscope and the role of that best planet in the horoscope.

5th Step: – To identify the Luckiest planet for the native.

6th Step: – To identify the role of other planets on different compartments of life like education, profession, marriage, progeny, name & fame etc.

7th Step: – To identify the evil effects of planets in a horoscope.

8th Step: – To identify the quality of three Basic energies thrown by planets at the time of the Birth of the native which will lay-down the foundation of one’s life.

9th Step: – To identify the quality of three basic energies thrown by planets which will govern one’s life.

10th step: – To balancing of cosmic energies by recommendation of Gemstone.

11th Step: – To guide the native about the impact of cosmic energies and according to those energies guide the native about his own talent.

12th Step: – To guide the native about the impact and precaution to be taken after wearing Gem stone.  Period of wearing of the particular Gemstone.

Strict warning under the A. G. Therapy

As we have discussed that each and every stone in throwing a particular energy and if a person is having excessive of Agni tatwas and if he wear Gemstone of agni tatwas i.e. Sun/Red coral then excessive of heat can harm the native. He may have excessive of a hot temperament, burning & injuries etc.

If a person already has excessive of Vayu tatwas and he wears Gemstone of Vayu tatwas like Neelam/Pukhraj then results will be excessive of pressure of Vayu and his all activities, moments in the body will be very fast and be may meet with an accident, losses because of fast decision and fast pulse rate etc.

If a person is already having excessive of Jal tatwas and further wear Gemstone of jal tatwa like Diamond, Moti and emerald then Lubricants in the body will be high and he may suffer from in balancing of mind and body, damages to bodily tissues and affects fertility and virility.

So at least I would request to all of you “Please don’t play with Gems these can be killers “These recommendations of Astrology gem therapy are beyond the scope of any computer. So all these recommendations are done manually by Dr. Anil k Grover. Call now for more details +91 – 172-5074555 / +91 9815614040 in between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM (IST) or email us at with your full details .